Fosch is simply put an insanely creative Frenchman and a driven, nature-loving Gotlander, where taste and produce are prioritised!

Open from Tuesday to Sunday for breakfast, lunch, fika (coffee and something sweet) and lots more. Welcome!

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"We're a strong two-person team, one insanely creative Frenchman and one driven, nature-loving Gotlander, where taste and produce are prioritised."

We're Malin Eklund and Damien Foschiatti, and we own and run Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie.

Damien is a pastry chef and Malin is who you'll meet at the shop. She's also responsible for conveying our vision to you, our guests. We've worked in this industry all our lives and we LOVE everything related to food, such as sweets and plant growing, or at least Malin loves to crawl around in the flowerbeds.

Damien is from Voiron in the French Alps and he has a long and varied background in the pastry chef profession. He's classically trained in France but has also worked in top restaurants and patisseries in Sweden, Norway, Australia and the US. When he came to Sweden in 2012, he worked for Henrik Nordström at Lux in Stockholm. After an instructive year he moved on to work at Revent international. As a process technician with Revent, he spent three years travelling around the world, bringing Revent's ovens to clients and international fairs.

These three years made a lasting impression on the Damien you meet today. He has met, baked with and personally experienced everything from the big industrial companies in the US to a small artisanal baker in Taiwan, with whom he spent a whole night making croissants by hand. He has finally realised his biggest dream and created a patisserie where quality produce takes the front seat and will make a difference.

Malin comes from a long lineage of farmers. Her maternal grandparents' farm just outside of Visby was an important part of her life growing up. Already as a young girl, Malin was involved in caring for sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks. At the same time, she witnessed her family running a KRAV-labelled farm as well as selling produce in their farm shop. As a result, growing vegetables and cooking is something Malin has loved since she was a child. Her career may have started with frying hamburgers, but since then she has worked as a waitress, head waiter and restaurant manager in Norway, Australia and Sweden.

Damien and Malin met in Norway when they were both working for Pascal Dupuy in Oslo. Their journey together brought them all around the world, but finally led to Stockholm, where Malin got her Bachelor's degree in molecular biology from Stockholm University in 2015. During their eight years together, Damien and Malin have shaped the idea behind Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie, an idea based on their passion for food, baking and good produce.

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